Machine Shop/Hydraulic Repairs Machine Shop/Hydraulic Repairs Large Hydraulic Cylinder Repair JD 200LC excavator boom cylinder 202010875 Hydraulic Pump Repair Rebuilding a hydraulic pump 202010876 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Re-packing a leaking hydraulic cylinder 202010885 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Machined a replacement "stuffing box" to replace a badly worn/damaged one 202010886 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Replaced a badly worn cylinder rod, and welded the existing clevis back on 202010887 Shop Tooling-13" Lathe 202010877 Shop Tooling-20" Lathe 202010878 Shop Tooling-10"x42" Vertical Mill 202010914 202010879 20 ton Hydraulic Press for Broaching 202010880 Broaching Square Holes in a Shaft 202010915 Broaching 202010916 Line-Boring Heavy Equipment Parts 202010881 Line-Boring Heavy Equipment Parts 202010882 Line-Boring Heavy Equipment Parts 202010883 Line-Boring Heavy Equipment Parts 202010884